Compressor oil is pumped around your unit to lubricate the bearings and the coils. Some of this oil sticks to the coils, insulating them from the inside. Your unit has to work much harder to produce the same temperature. Oil fouling effects ALL HVACR: refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps. There are no exceptions. IceCOLD® cleans the coils so they’re like new. Plus, it extends the life of your system and you never have to worry about oil fouling again.

On average IceCOLD has saved our customers over 20% on their HVACr costs, why not use our savings calcuator to see how much you could save?

Savings Calculator


  • Business Sense

    Most businesses find it pays for itself in less than 2 years and produces over a 500% return on investment.

  • Proven

    "National Distributors, Inc. received an improvement efficiency of 39.45% after the inclusion of IceCOLD®."

  • Pilot

    If your system isn’t proven to run at least 10% more efficiently, you don’t pay a penny. Guaranteed.

  • Lifelong

    IceCOLD® lasts the lifetime of the equipment it is installed into. No top ups, no recharging, just saving.

Case Studies

  • Radisson Hotel


    The maintenance and energy manager Dean, wanted to improve the efficiency of the current units, reduce kW and CO2. IceCOLD®...

  • Call Centre


    B&Q National Call Centre in Doncaster: Split Air-conditioning Unit installed with IceCOLD®. Post Installation Data shows...

  • Office Building


    "Gosh, that IS cold! I need a blanket” a comment made by one of my engineers after he returned into the training room...

  • Conference Centre

    Aston University

    We approached Aston University to introduce IceCOLD® into the numerous air conditioning systems on their estate. The room chosen...

  • Data Centre

    Government Building Essex

    The installation of IceCOLD® involved measuring the kWh consumption and the on off temperature on a 5KW Hitachi Split Compressor located...

In The Press

  • Blog cover

    Highly Commended

    IceCOLD and Dwyer UK Franchising beat some tough competition to be highly commended at the recent 2degrees awards...

  • Blog cover

    Another nomination

    We are proud to announce that IceCOLD has been shortlisted for its third award in a matter of weeks. The RAC Cooling Industry Awards...

  • Blog cover

    Live Interview

    The live interview will take place on Thursday 16th of April at 3:30pm, if you'd like to watch please click the link on the next page...

  • Blog cover

    Press Release

    Dwyer (UK Franchising) Limited Operating as Aire Serv® and Mr. Electric® Becomes Exclusive Distributor for IceCOLD® in United Kingdom.

  • Blog cover

    TV News

    IceCOLD® was recently featured in the news. Kens 5, based in San Antonio Texas explored the claims surrounding IceCOLD®.

  • Blog cover

    Service Review

    I’ve checked this great new product out myself. It will substantially reduce your air conditioning costs – IT PAYS FOR ITSELF IN 12 MONTHS...

  • Blog cover

    Transport Council

    IceCOLD® Synthetic Catalyst Technology (IceCOLD®) proven performance is a successful outcome that has emerged as result of a successful Freight...

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